Agrarian sector

Fund for agricultural sector of Ukraine is charity fund for general development and modernization of agroindustrial complex of the country.

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плечом к плечу

Happy hands

Happy hands  – international festival-contests for talented orphans

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2630663 24.05.2015 Монс Петтер Альберт Сален Зелмерлев (Швеция) - победитель международного конкурса песни "Евровидение 2015" в Вене - на пресс-конференции. Максим Блинов/РИА Новости

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision Ukraine fund is charity fund for support and promotion of Ukrainian pop artists at the international arena. The issue of pop art is at a low ebb because of economic crisis and negative external factors. Thousands of young talents are staying unnoticed and unheard by the government. 

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Free speech of Ukraine 

Fund for free speech of Ukraine is charity fund that was established for initiation democratic standards of independent journalism and  honest coverage of events in Ukraine.

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Молодеж и спорт

Youth and Sports

Fund for Youth and Sports of Ukraine is a charity fond for development and promotion of a healthy nation of the state.

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