Ukrainian People



On March 15, 2017 the all-Ukrainian magazine “Ukrainians People” held a grandiose festival of children’s creativity, beauty and talent “Hope of the Nation 2017”.

Within the framework of the event, which took place in the Ukrainian House, not only the talent contest was held, but also the annual beauty contest “The Young Lady of Ukraine”.
Participation in the festival was attended by about 200 children from different regions of Ukraine!
Tetyana Petrakova, the organizer of the project, says that our Ukrainian children are very talented, and Every such festival is a vivid example of this.
The “Star Time” program has been a media partner of social projects for a long time already, from the magazine “Ukrainians People”, and every time the level of the event is even more striking with its magnificent organization and national color, and it inspires patriotism and gives faith to the bright future of our country !!
The international charitable foundation “Support Ukraine” also supports similar projects, because in our time they are actual for every Ukrainian.
Video report from “Star Time”:


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