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Kiyv,Ukraine Project We Love

Compilyator – Innovation Centre, which bespechivaet seed funding startups. This will cover the costs of the initial stages of projects.
Also in the center will provide for Compilyator lyuogo personal project office for comfortable work and create a project. The Centre provides offices for development teams as well as jobs for entrepreneurs or freelancers. there are 50 offices for development teams and convenient coworking 100 seats in the center of the base.

Objective: Preparation share in the early stages of development in the most promising start-ups

The project started September 1, 2016 to end December 1, 2016.


1. For startups: the lack of a single space with the presence of all elements of the innovation ecosystem (workplace training, associates, prototyping, mentoring, financing …)
2. For the investor to find the highest quality and the startup commands for investment

The solution: the creation of the largest in Ukraine (4500 sq. m.) with the presence of coworking center areas, offices for the teams, conference hall, shop for prototyping. Due to the unique location of the space, as well as the narrow focus of the task force – this area will be a magnet for startups, investors, mentors in Ukraine and abroad.


The examples in the world:
1. www.500.co
2. www.ycombinator.com

Features space:
1. The room is located in the city of Kiev 150 meters from the metro station of Taras Shevchenko;
2. Length * width * height = 200m. 18m *. * 8m.

1 200 jobs;
2. 72 Office for teams of 5-7 people;
3. Meeting hall for 1000 people (it is possible to transform into smaller rooms);
4. The restaurant has 50 seats;
5. Workshop for 30 people.

Financial plan:
1. Making a profit at the expense of putting job creation and meeting room rental + income from the restaurant; 2. Making a profit through the sale of shares in start-ups, which was obtained in the early stages of start-ups;
3. The Commission for the management of investors’ assets

Investment plan: the US needs 1.5 million dollars to repair the premises, furniture and equipment, to ensure the center’s activities in the first 3 months of work…


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