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Ukraine lost five positions in the worlds ranking of the development of information and telecommunication technologies, ranking was compiled by the International Telecommunication Union, so it fell to 73 position. However, Ukraine takes 4th place in the world of number of employees in IT- sphere. It shows us that Ukraine does not pay attention enough to the sphere of IT-technologies. This situation leads to process the so-called «brain drain» — emigration of young, smart and perspective people. IT-sphere is an important indicator of the development of modern country, so our Charity Fund aspires to support young, talented StartUpers of Ukraine. Read more



The situation in Ukraine is really difficult now and we can see obvious imperfection in anti-corruption legislation, so further changes — are inevitable. Our goal is the maximum realization of anti-corruption laws to conform them to international anti-corruption standards in practice by reality and not just in documents. Our Charity Fund supports anti-corruption trend in the country, because we need systematic changes which can help to create strong European country. Read more

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